Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Pawesome PRINCESS

Formerly known as Pinzer A1391884 at HIGH KILL MIAMI DADE ANIMAL SERVICES. She was on the euth list for having a URI and was rescued with a Spay hold. Took her to the vet and she is well, with CBC result to confirm her health, only hookworm which she has received and continue to receive treatment for in two weeks. She was spayed as a puppy yet she still needs to confirm this to MDAS either through their choice of EXPLORATORY SURGERY or a simple Hormone Blood test at our expense. I took this challenge to see if I could help this sweet black beauty and have come to the conclusion that 'Black Dog Syndrome' is prevalent! Up to today we have spent $230 on this PRINCESS of which only $45 wonderful contributors have supported and donated to her! We cannot continue to support her without funds if you can contribute to her Chip In we gratefully appreciate it! Click here to donate to Chipin for Princess
You can also share her chipin link: http://a1384499blue.chipin.com/princess-pinzer-a1391884

Most importantly she needs a FOSTER/ADOPTER ASAP. 

She is 71lbs of LOVE, great with kids, gentle as can be with food, good with other dogs, and scared of cats. 

PLEASE HELP PRINCESS find a home for the Holidays! 

Here is her thread on FaceBook:

Here is her VIDEO, learning how to sit, we have been teaching her how to walk on a leash too:


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Donations for Voiceless Angels

Donations needed such as doggy beds, clothing, blankets, collars, leashes, dog food, vitamin supplements, crates, toys, bones, spay/neuter vouchers, heartworm medication, flea protection, shampoo, conditioner, brushes, etc. If you have donations to give, mail, send, or pickup please email us or you can donate via paypal:


Sunday, October 2, 2011

JACOB's HaPPy DaNcE!!! Voiceless Angel Rescued with LOVE

Jacob doing his Happy DANCE!!!

JACOB - ID#A1362836
My name is JACOB.
I am a male, black and white Chihuahua - Smooth Coated.The shelter staff think I am about 5 years old.I have been at the shelter since Jul 08, 2011.

JACOB is a 4lb Chihuahua mix with tri color rat terrier rescued from MDAS fostering to adopt program. He had severe respiratory infection and sneezing requiring IV medication, bottle feeding, High Calorie Nutritional Supplement, ID canned prescription dog food we vetted him at Animal Welfare Society. 

He didn't know what kisses were, was scared of the brush, he's very submissive, he has one baby tooth on one side and the other side was broken off, little patch of fur missing with a scar on his side tummy that would fit a shoe, and 3 parts on his tail broken, hips that ached, he hand dandruff in his fur and couldn't eat dry food.

I am teaching him kisses, and petting, and brushing, and pure love.  

Jacob asking for more Lovings! ♥ So sweet when I first rescued him he didn't even know what it was! ♥ We treat him like a prince, a baby, he is so sweet and smart and Tiny, Chihuahua =little body, Big Soul, Huge Spirit! Smarter than dogs!!! They are Chihuahua's ♥ They speak with a purr, and bark bigger than a an Olde English Bulldogge when there's a security breach, he looks little to you, but his Love for you is Larger than Life!!! It's been my pleasure to Rescue Jacob and teach him the beginning of human LOVE ♥ This is him showing me sum Chi ♥ LOVE

Now his fur is shiney and soft, I see him smiling and holding his head higher, he is eating more everyday, getting stronger every day! He even looks younger! He still needs dental in the future, but vet says no more than 3 years old. Well that was the last visit, now after being able to eat dry chihuahua food for a few months, they think he was just a puppy less than a year old!

He doesn't like to be alone ever and gets along with every one big, tall, young, old, girl, or boy. 

He's a lover!  
♥ I call him Baby ♥ with kiss noises ♥ he is learning Love. 

I pray for him to be treated like a Baby Prince for the rest of his days here on this Earth! ♥

He is a Voiceless Angel rescued with Love 

When the rescue has left the building the new life has just begun. Just like a new baby, you live and you learn. Growing and bonding in special ways, that only a person who has adopted a rescued fur baby would know & appreciate. 


Friday, September 30, 2011


Moose was found in South Kendall Area and appears to be missing his family. He wants to come inside another families home and tried the neighbors as well they have taken pity on him and they are feeding him out in the yard. He likes the house dogs but they really don't like him, probably intimidated by his size, he's 115 lbs Mastiff mixed with Sugar, Carmel, and Honey. He has those puppy dogs eyes if only you would come and meet him you would be surprised at how gentle and kind this Lover Boy really is. He is a Gentle Giant awaiting a family to Love. Please share him in hopes to find him a responsible fur ever home.♥ 




Big Mac was OS @ MDAS who suffered from stinky tail with infected corkscrew tail, he is also overweight, his care must be diligent and thorough bathing and blowing drying his bottom every night. He suckles his toys like his mama's tit and is aggressive with his toys only, he even goes into like a spell of suckling his toys and or blankee to go to sleep. He is currently on a diet and will need to be re-eval later after consistent diligent care for his bottom which is no longer stinky as we have been caring for him. He needs a special someone willing to clean him diligently everyday and dry him thoroughly. He needs to work on his toy aggression issues and cannot be placed in a home with small children. He is a rescue.

Big Mac 2yrs old Owner Surrender from MDAS requires consistent care and is on a diet. He is a sweet baby, weened to soon, needs work with aggression with his toys, they are like his mama's tit. He should not be placed with children.
Big Mac big Baby, he is on a diet so please don't feed him the people junk food he wants even if he barks about it.

He really loves his toys, lil aggressive with them it's like his mama's tit, he lulls him self to sleep at night suckling on his toys and blankee, he's a giant baby. If he loses his toy off the bed at night he will bark until you give it back to him. He is also on a diet no more junk food please he may bark for it but its best he is forced to eat the dry low cal diet so he can get healthy while still young he is 2 years young.